Injury II [Starter Sentences]

"Can you hear me?"
"Do you remember what happened?"
"Does that hurt?"
"Focus on my voice."
"Hold on to me."
"I'll carry you."
"I'm not letting you walk, I'm going to carry you."
"It's going to be fine."
"It's healing quickly, just hold still."
"Just focus on me."
"Listen to me, you are going to be fine."
"Put your arm around me, I'll help you walk."
"Stay awake."
"You hit your head and you've been out for two days."
"You're going to okay."
"Your head hurts?"
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coming out of your room at 3 am and seeing your parents


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send me a ✢ for my muse’s reaction to seeing yours standing on their doorstep soaking wet in the rain.


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ツ - make my muse laugh/smile, ⁇ - get any information you want out of my muse, ✎ - negotiate with my muse

ASKED BY differentfacesameman.

ツ - make my muse laugh/smile

Musicals. He actually is a bit of a fan of the darker kind of musicals so if you’re interested in them as well, Billy will open up a bit about that. 

⁇ - get any information you want out of my muse

Depending on what information. If you want something deep or whatever, sometimes threatening works if you know of his secret identity or if you know something no one else knows. 

✎ - negotiate with my muse

Billy is a bit negotiable when he is in an open mood. Sometimes just a simple offer, other times it’s something more like money or an item or whatever the case may be.

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                   ɪ’ᴅ ɢᴏ ʙᴀᴄᴋ ɪɴ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇ ɪᴛ,

                                  B̸͚U̢͈̦͕T̷̳ ̴͚̬͚̬̘̙̺I̵͍͙ ̭̼C̶̞̦̗A͓͙̙͖̣̯N̸̲͎̻̟’̴̩̥T͍̺͉͓.

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Reblog if you are legitimately shocked by the number of followers you have.



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Send me a symbol and I’ll tell you how to…


  • ❤ - win my muse’s heart
  • ♡ - make my muse melt
  • ❦ - instantly turn my muse on
  • ✯ - make my muse cry
  • ツ - make my muse laugh/smile
  • ☓ - guilt trip my muse
  • ⁇ - get any information you want out of my muse
  • ✎ - negotiate with my muse
  • ☠ - hurt my muse
  • ☤ - kill my muse
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"Watch out!"

ASKED BY theresgoodineverybodysheart.

Billy nearly jumped out of his skin as he ducked when he saw something coming at him. “…Come on, really?” He mumbled a bit irritable before looking over at Penny. 

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